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Posted reply 24 April 2012 05:56

Tough situation you're in, really. It seems to be that there is a serious problem in communication between all of the parties involved. What does the client want? Does your company actually understand what your client is saying? Are the necessary specifications being sent to you? Don't know exactly which one of these questions aren't being answered but anyone of these can be a problem.
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Posted reply 18 April 2012 06:00

I suddenly have the urge to go into this airport just so I can see these flies… I would have to sneak into the men’s room, but it might be worth it. There is a lot of manipulation that goes on between the lines of graphic design. I remember in school being taught that the color red encouraged people to buy more and more likely to spend their money.
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Posted reply 23 March 2012 10:13

While they are both forms of online marketing, there is not enough common ground for them to be compared fairly. Still, social media is fast on the rist, and email marketing seems to be going in the opposite direction, and this is a good consideration in choosing.
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Posted reply 4 March 2012 11:49

Did they give you an example first? Did you give them an example of how you wanted it? If it is not what you asked then they messed up and you should not have to pay. I would contact them directly and explain the situation. Maybe it was just a communication error based on what you wanted and what they assumed. If you are that unsatisfied they may offer to re-print them to your new specifications, or they might refund you the price.

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