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What jobs are most in demand?

The world of tech is constantly evolving from one year to the next. Here is our list of the jobs most in demand by technology companies in 2023. What jobs are getting recruited for most in 2023 ?
3 min
Metaverse developer: the new Eldorado ? Free-Workers life

Metaverse developer: the new Eldorado ?

With Meta predicting the creation of 10,000 highly skilled jobs over the next five years, is metaverse developer the new IT job of the future? The transformation of Facebook into Meta has caused quite a stir in the IT world. More than a name change...
4 min
Weak AI: what is it? IT news

Weak AI: what is it?

Weak AI, also known as narrow AI, describes artificial intelligence algorithms that can perform a limited set of functions. This is currently the form of AI used in our daily lives. Find out what this technology is and what opportunities it offers.
4 min
Setting up a hybrid cloud: 3 essential steps IT news

Setting up a hybrid cloud: 3 essential steps

Hybrid cloud structures are popular for the balance they bring between performance and cost optimisation, but they also are the most complex to put in place to maintain IS consistency and avoid fragmentation.
4 min
What Is BDaaS About? IT news

What Is BDaaS About?

In this article, you will find out how BDaaS works in practice and what its advantages are.
5 min

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