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Hi all!

I’m looking for some advice. I’ve been freelancing as a VA for 2 years now. I don’t have contracts with a few of my clients (silly I know and need to rectify!)..

I took on a new client recently, and we’ve been testing the water with regards to retainer hours the last month - I’ve done (or tracked my time) for 60. I’ve done a LOT more than this though. It’s starting to get really complicated - the expectation for me to work and respond to emails from the husband of the business owner is getting a little much - messages or phone calls at 11pm at night, weekends etc. As a Freelancer, I’m sure I’m not the only one, we’ll work when it permits and there’s a lot of flexibility - start early/finish late and honestly sometimes I really don’t mind. I don’t feel like I’ve set a precedent per-say as I don’t ‘choose’ to work for this client, the messages just get a bit much so I do it (I also find the way he messages on socials or emails a little unprofessional looking).

I need to somehow open up a conversation with regards to expectations / hours etc but I’m really not sure how to go about it. I’m very much a giver not a taker and I have a strong back bone for anything that doesn’t affect me personally! (Very frustrating!)

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? How did you deal with it?

Id also love some advice with regards to writing a contract also or even finding one - I feel like I’ve exhausted Google!

Thanks in advance!

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