Are there any websites that offer freelance jobs from people abroad?

john bush

john bush

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I am living in Hungary, and the problem is its a really small country with no job opportunities.

I am a web developer and high-end retoucher

Long story short

I worked for an American lady for 1 year, as a freelancer web developer but the problem was that, i had to make so small and insignificant sites, what are not worth showing in my portfolio, and after a time when bigger worth mentioning sites would have come she started to lack with her own part of the work (she was the Web Designer). She did not make the designs in time, and jumped back to old clients what we dealt with a year ago, and i had to make sloppy works, like change 2 images an change team names, this continued for months and after a time just promises no jobs, so i quit.

So since than i dont really have a job, and i searched a lot of sites but with out luck.

So what i like to do, is find a job as a freelancer in the UK / USA / AU, and maybe if they like my work i can move there and work for them.

So could some of you offer some sites where companies focusing ion freelancers this way what i mean, they hire people form abroad as a freelancer, or any type of job site where i can find freelane job and its worht pushing effort in it, not like in or oDesk

Thank you

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