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Posted reply 13 July 2007 07:28

To be perfectly honest, I think you will have a hard time finding a Flash role which is more design and less actionscript.
There is currently quite a high demand for *good* actionscript developers, especially actionscript 3/Flex developers. My advice would be to learn object orientated programming in actionscript. Having a good knowledge in both oop and flash design, you will find jobs fairly easy.

Web accessibility and CSS developers/designers are also in quite high demand although not without experience with another language. I would suggest learning javascript, coldfusion, php, asp.net, ajax or something similar as it will be more difficult to find a role which is exclusively css coding.
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Posted reply 14 June 2007 19:05

I'm afraid there is no simple solution, like any other business, you have to 'slog away' at it and eventually you will get leads.
You mention before Christmas you was developing free sites for people, are those people aware that you now do this as a full time occupation? If not, let them know, if they was pleased with the work you produced they might be happy to recommend you to others..?
Building up a decent client base really is quite a slow process and can only grow through your reputation. If you are in need of an income in a hurry then have you thought about working as a contractor? This can also lead to clients for you business..
Talk to as many people as you can, go to seminars, leave you business card everywhere!
On a final note, I found that your website wasn't particularly 'user friendly' as there was nothing to tell me I had to click on the dot to open the main Flash page 😉 Although the site is beautifully designed and has some nice effects, you don't want to turn people away at your door.
I am a Flash developer but the majority of my flash work is e-learning based, usually building websites with css/xhtml for a more accessible website.
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Posted reply 30 March 2007 09:42

Yep it is easy to import the movie in Flash as a frame based movieClip (animation), you can then create a layer over this to trace each frame as vector images

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