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Posted reply 22 April 2007 12:42

I've been freelancing (in agency's offices) in the NW since I was about 18 (30 this year) and I had one 'full-time' contract where I was on staff-wages with staff-holidays, sick-pay, etc, and I'd never go back for many reasons.

Mainly money to be honest. I'm a designer with a very strong artworking background so can present creative concepts and take them through to production if required. My hourly rate's £20-25. There's also the variation of work/clients/colleagues/place of work that keeps the boredom away! I love freelancing!!!

But... I can't see myself freelancing past 45, so that's when I'll really have to consider my future options, but I think it's more likely to be setting up an agency of my own/with a partner than becoming a slave to the wage.

As it's been said, if you're good and have a good reputation, you'll always get work. This year, I've had 1 day so far that I haven't found work, and last year the total was only 5 days, though having said that, I'm always meeting freelancers who say that they haven't worked in weeks and sometimes months!!! I think along with skill/quality, you also need a pretty good personality and be able to 'fit-in' quite quickly. Most people say to me that after a few days I feel like part of the team, which is nice to hear!

The only benefits I can see to full-time are the relationship you gain with clients, and the career prospects. I've never found job security an issue, even though I spend money like it's going out of fashion! Even the paid holidays doesn't really attract me, though with my girlfriend having 6 weeks holiday a year, I suppose it does 'cost' me a fair few ££'s...

So I'd never go full time, even if I spawn little-Windys!
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Posted reply 29 March 2007 12:44

I need to find out how to make some really short flash animations from video footage that I will shoot. The footage will be someone dressed in black, shot against a white wall. Is there an easy way to export the video frames from Quicktime, then trace them as vectors to be used in Flash? Please tell me there's a plug-in or something for this!!! ;)

ps, I won't be doing the Flash, I'm just doing some research before I brief it into something.
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Posted reply 6 March 2007 14:51

PS, those rates are for going into a studio. Hourly rates for artwork/design are £50/60 from agency to client.

If you're actually pricing a job, it can be a bit of a minefield. I can spend a day on a 4PP brochure for one client, but the best part of a week for another client.

Just think of a number... 😉
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Posted reply 6 March 2007 14:44

£12 an hour?!!! :eek: Bloody hell, I wasn't charging that low 10 years ago!

In Manchester the avarage direct-invoicing rates are:

artwork: £20-25/hour
creative: £25-30+/hour

If you're a limited company and go through the agencies (eg. Aquent) you can expect:

artwork: £17/hour

If you're not a limited company and go through the agencies, knock a few £/hour off that, unless you go through someone like Orchard who'll shaft you down to £13.

I've been working around the northwest for 10 years now (since I was 18) and have worked for all sorts of places, from 1-man-bands to the big boys, and a few oddities in-between and the rates are pretty much settled everywhere. None of us compete on price because that'd be like shooting yourself in the foot!

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