What is a Front-End Developer?

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A Front-End Developer is someone who is responsible for designing, creating, and implementing the visual elements of web applications. The ‘front-end’ is specifically the part of the website that users see and interact with.

Front-End Developers are usually supported by

Back-End Developers

who build and maintain the technology and platform that hosts the website. As a Front-End Developer, you need to have an exceptional understanding of HTML, which is used to create the content and written text, and CSS which is used for the design and layout of front-end applications.

The front-end of a website is everything the user sees, and therefore as a Front-End Developer, you need to have an impressive understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). UI refers to the visual elements on the screen including icons and buttons, and UX is the entire interaction and overall experience consumers have with your website/application. If the UX is smooth, it creates a positive experience that keeps users loyal to the brand. If you have a clear UX you are also able to identify customer journeys on your website that can lead to greater business decisions.

What qualifications do you need to be a Front-End Developer?

Due to the technical skills required to be a Front-End Developer, a degree in computer science or in an IT-relevant field is preferred. However, if you do not have a degree employers will also value industry experience, and a demonstration of the skills needed. If you don’t have a degree it is important to find other ways to work on the necessary skills, this can be done through online courses.

 Employers will also want to see a visual representation of your work, therefore building a portfolio is an effective way to demonstrate your skills. Your portfolio may also be an opportunity to show your potential employer your ability to keep up with industry trends and present innovative ideas that could help improve their company processes.

What are the responsibilities of a Front-End Developer?

  • Communicate with stakeholders to ensure app/web products are up to date and in line with business priorities

  • Work with back-end developers to integrate UI components

  • Build and implement new features and services in the web applications

  • Build high-quality prototypes

  • Work closely with product owners to ensure standards are met

  • Resolve bugs, ensure regular testing, and perform routine troubleshooting and optimisation

  • Maintain software workflow management

  • Ensure SEO best practice

  • Keep up with industry trends and modern technologies

What skills do you need to be a Front-End Developer?

Hard skills needed to be a Front-End Developer

  • JavaScript /CSS /HTML/ PHP

  • TypeScript (the programming language that builds on JavaScript)

  • React/ Angular (frameworks used to make applications)

  • Redux (commonly used with React for building user interfaces)

  • Agile

  • .Net

  • User Experience (UX) and UX design

  • Graphic design applications

  • Cloud Services

  • Software Engineering

  • Web Development

  • SEO principals

Soft skills needed to be a Front-End Developer

  • Creativity skills

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Communication skills

  • Business acumen

What is the average salary of a Front-End Developer?

  • The average starting salary of a Front-End Developer is £35,500

  • The average mid-level salary of a Front-End Developer is £57,000

  • The average high-level salary of a Front-End Developer is £85,500

The demand for Front-End Developers has increased by 92% in the past two years, due to companies now focusing on delivering meaningful and relevant experiences to customers. According to Amazon Web Services, 88% of website visitors are less likely to return to a website after a poor experience. Therefore, as companies undergo digital transformation, they need to have UX at the forefront of their minds and invest in top talent to fill their web development roles.

Front-end development can also be a very flexible role, where the work is mostly online and therefore can be done remotely. The demand for remote Front-End Developers has increased by 413% over the past two years.

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