The Role of an IT Trainer

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What is an IT Trainer?

IT trainers design and deliver training courses on a wide range of computer software applications.

These courses range from common desktop programs and PC maintenance to advanced technology such as programming.

IT training jobs are essentially teaching jobs, and as such, they tend to work in colleges, education centres and training departments in large companies. Also, many training companies and software solution companies offer a training facility as part of their after sales program.

What qualifications do you need to be an IT Trainer? 

To become an IT trainer it is standard practice to have a recognised IT qualification. Personal skills and qualities are equally important for securing a role as an IT trainer.

Without any formal qualifications, it is still possible to become an IT trainer, but it requires proven experience of using relevant software packages and the delivery of training.

For more complex IT trainer jobs such as programming, a technical qualification and relevant experience are essential.

What skills do you need to be an IT Trainer? 

In addition to these desired qualifications, employers also look for the following attributes in candidates:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of IT systems and software packages
  • Excellent communication and motivational skills; both written and verbal
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Confidence

It is also always advantageous to have a driving licence and a car for travelling to off-site training locations. Many IT training jobs involve a significant amount of travel.

What responsibilities does an IT Trainer have?

IT trainer jobs stereotypically fall into either desktop software applications (word-processing / spreadsheets etc) or technical training (programming/web design etc). Most IT trainers tend to specialise in one specific area although some who have enough expertise cover both areas.

As an IT trainer typical work activities include:

  • Assessments concerning a client's needs and expected outcomes
  • Preparation of learning aids
  • Setting up of a learning environment and resources
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Evaluating course effectiveness in relation to client timescales and expected outcomes
  • Administration of training programs

What are some IT Trainer career opportunities?

There are so many environments and industry sectors that IT trainers work in the career opportunities open to them are substantial. If working in a large organisation career development may be an internal promotion to a senior trainer or training manager. This would mean assuming strategic responsibility for training regimes within the organisation.

If working within a training company, career advancement may involve increased account management and business development responsibilities. It may also involve moving into more specialised areas of training.

What is the average salary for IT Trainer jobs?

  • Salaries for new entrants vary between £22,000 to £28,000 The amount is dependent upon a number of factors, one of which is location. It is not uncommon for IT trainers in the city to be paid more
  • According to IT Jobs Watch, the average salary for an IT trainer is £47,500 and the average daily rate for a contactor is £335

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