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Though the labour market for all business sectors is going through a phase of growth, the tech market is exploding. With all things being equal, the statistics show a growth of nearly 60% in employment in the sector between 2021 and 2022. And this trend is not close to stopping. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von de Leyen, stated that 2023 would be the European year of skills. In her view, this is a cry to provide encouragement to grow the number of qualified workers in technology sectors. In the face of the huge demand for IT workers, employees or self-employed workers have the luxury of choosing their next career move. Here is the list of the jobs most in demand in the world of tech 2023.

IT jobs

With the dominating presence of the digital economy, IT and digital jobs are constantly evolving. These professions that are very attractive for students also represent excellent prospects for those who want to change career path. Despite the arrival of nearly 15,000 IT graduate engineers on the market per year, it’s not enough. The high demand by companies and recruiters is providing very appealing job offers. The sectors most in demand in 2023 are related to cyber-crime, artificial intelligence and digitalisation of consumption and work styles. The tech jobs most in demand are:

  • Big Data, Cloud computing or Internet of Things architects.

  • Data analysts, engineers, scientists or protection officers.

  • Back-end, business intelligence, data, DevOps, web block chain developers, etc.

  • Decision engineers

  • Cybersecurity experts

  • IT system security managers

Tech freelancers

In the face of the huge recruitment demand in the IT world, all profiles are sought after. Whether you are a new graduate, employee or freelancers, all doors are wide open in front of you. From this point of view, tech jobs are an amazing opportunity for those who want to convert or add to their technology engineering training. In this type of tense market, which is a benefit for candidates, pay is naturally competitive, between €38,000 and €75,000, depending on the job and the experience. Even more so since they’re increasing by over 5% per year.

IT jobs

Four main candidate types are being looked for in 2023. In no particular order, they are the following: in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, DevOps and DevSecOps, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Cloud computing

Although these are not new, jobs in Cloud computing are not in any emergency. Led by a large demand from SMEs that are experiencing their IT revolution, sector specialists are having a comfortable time thanks to them. The market is also being sustained by the need to constantly update existing systems. In other words, multinationals and large companies are also at it: 5G, artificial intelligence and of course Cloud computing are providing a fertile job sector, with high growth. It is estimated this sector will represent 800 billion dollars worldwide by 2025! The salaries offered to a project manager at the start of their career are between €38K and €45K.


These days it’s impossible to count how many companies, large or small, public or private are suffering from IT breaches. As a result of the exponential growth of this significant risk, with ever-growing sophistication, companies are searching for cybersecurity experts. A specialist engineer in this domain can earn between €45K and €60K after just three years of experience. The room for growth in this business sector worldwide looks to be around 14% by 2029.


Green IT Evangelist, FinOps Expert, Development Engineer, DevSecOps, DevOps…: these are also jobs that are highly sought after in the technology development sector. These development experts are in charge of configuring operating systems, designing site architectures or working in the graphics domain. The average pay of a web developer in France is roughly 50,000 euros a year. DevOps workers can earn up to €75K.

Artificial Intelligence

With an increase of over 20% in job offers between 2021 and 2022, the artificial intelligence market is definitely flourishing. The most sought-after candidate profiles are data science experts. Recruiters are mainly industry, energy or robotics companies. Those working in transport or maintenance also have high demand. Average pay is around 45,000 euros per year.

The list of tech jobs below is not exhaustive, not by a long shot! Recruiters are active in a number of technology domains. The salaries offered here are motivating, and the long-term prospects are very appealing. All candidate profiles are being sought after, whether employee roles, or freelancers.


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