Why content is crucial to a successful SEO campaign for freelancers

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Creating content that is fit for purpose can benefit your business in many ways whilst building trust between you and your customers. Whether it be landing page content or a weekly blog post, this can all aid in boost Google ranking position and ensuring you have a successful SEO Campaign every time.

To help you get this right the first time, we are providing you with insight into why optimised content is vital to a successful SEO campaign, as told by Absolute Digital.

Draw in the audience with optimised content

Everyone knows that content is king, but with the need for optimised content for landing pages and other aspects of the website, this can draw in audiences. By creating content that caters to frequently asked questions, you can provide your clients with content that answers all their questions. By using tools such as Answer The Public and Google Autofill, you can look at questions that are often asked and can begin to rank for these keywords.

The importance of FAQ schema

Another way that you can use content to better your SEO campaign is to implement FAQ schema. By using a designated FAQ page for internal linking, you are creating content that is fit for purpose. By creating the content that works to educate your audience, you can boost the E.A.T rating of your site and improve the Google ranking position. By taking the time to fully optimise this and link to other pages in your site you are also improving overall navigation.

The importance of keyword research

By using an SEO agencyservices such as Absolute Digital Media or a freelance service you can focus on other aspects of your SEO campaign whilst allowing us to conduct keyword research. By using specialist content creators to optimise your content and boost the result of your SEO campaign. Targeting these keywords will aid you in the long term as it can boost rankings and can ensure your content is optimised for not only desktop search but also voice search from smart devices such as Google and Alexa devices. It is important to note however that optimising for voice search will require long-form keywords with a much more conversational tone.

The correct word count for optimised content

The final element to consider is the correct word count. There has been much debate amongst the team at Absolute Digital about which length of content is right for an SEO campaign. However, it is widely considered that between 500 to 1000 words is the right amount of content to capture the attention of your audience. Any longer or any shorter, you run the risk of your audience not engaging with the content. The correct length also provides you with the ability to optimise to the fullest extent to ensure it is fit for purpose.

With this being said, there are several ways that content is the main contributor to a successful SEO campaign in terms of the long-form benefits. Where will you start when it comes to creating your own optimised content?

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