5 things freelancers should consider when naming their limited company

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The very first step to forming a limited company as a freelancer is picking an appropriate name. Here, company formation agents 1st Formations share their top 5 tips for choosing a name for your company. Let’s get started.

1. Check if the domain is available

As part of the 1st Formations’ company registration process, you’ll need to enter your proposed name into the name check tool. This tool works with the Companies House register and will let you know immediately whether the company name is available or not (and if it includes any words or expressions that require permission to use, such as ‘King’).

However, the tool will not give you any information related to domain names. This means, if you do intend to build a website for your freelance business and want the domain to match your company name, you need to check with a domain name provider to see if your chosen domain name is available too.

2. Make it easy to pronounce (and spell)

Your company name needs to roll off the tongue rather than be a tongue twister. Consider how it sounds in different dialects. Is it still clear or could a different accent add a whole new meaning to it?

You should also avoid using non-standard spellings as this will only frustrate clients when they attempt to find you online. Having to spell the name out every time you say it will probably end up annoying you too.

3. Be mindful of your marketing

Think about how your name fits with the branding that you want to build around your business. Does it lend itself to the logo you had in mind? Will it sync with the tone of voice that you want your business to have? How does it look when it’s simply written out? Is it playful or serious and does this fit with your industry?

If you choose an inspiring name for your freelance business, the marketing ideas will flow. However, pick a poor name and you’ll have to work that much harder to make an impression.

4. Don’t box yourself in

Think twice before including a specific product, service or location in your company name, as this can be cumbersome if you ever decide to expand.

For example, the first version of your business may provide one specific freelance service - such as web design - so including said service in your company name may make perfect sense, but what if you decide to start providing another service, like copywriting?

Likewise, if you include a geographical location in your company name, you’ll need to change the name if you choose to branch out and start operating in other areas.

5. Consult friends

In a creative endeavour, such as naming a company, it’s possible to have too much feedback. Having said this, it’s good practice to discuss your proposed company name(s) with a few people.

They may spot something that you’ve missed, such as an alternative meaning to the name, similarities your name shares with another business, or perhaps a spelling mistake.

So there you have it, 5 things freelancers should consider when choosing their company name. We hope you have found this post helpful.

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