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As a freelancer, you need a business model that impresses clients and provides you with a solid base on which to operate.

The private limited company is the most popular company structure in the UK and is perfect for freelancers. Here’s why:

  • They can set up with 1 person - A private limited company needs a director, shareholder, and person with significant control. Crucially to a freelancer, 1 person can be named as all of these. However, if you are going into business with other people, the structure provides the flexibility to have them on board too.

  • Limited liability - The owners of the company (shareholders) are only financially liable for the nominal value of shares that they hold in the company. Essentially, this means if the company were to encounter financial difficulties, the freelancer’s assets are protected.

  • Esteemed structure - The limited company business model is globally recognised and provides a business with the perfect platform to make an immediate impact. Some businesses will refuse to work with freelancers who operate under any other structure.

  • Low startup and running costs - A limited company can be formed with 1st Formations from as little as £12.99, with the ongoing annual filing obligation of the confirmation statement costing just £44.99 per year.

  • Name protection - When you form a limited company, your chosen company name becomes legally protected. No one else can form a limited company with the same name, or even use a similar name.

  • Tax efficiency - Whilst it does depend on circumstance, the limited company model is consistently the most tax efficient business structure in the UK, and one of the key reasons why it’s so popular with freelancers.

Set your company up as a freelancer with 1st Formations

With more than 1 million companies formed, 1st Formations are the UK’s most trusted company formation agent.

  • 100% online company formation process

  • Authorised Companies House formation agents

  • Companies typically formed in 3-6 working hours

  • UK customer support team ready to deal with any questions (via telephone, live chat or email)

  • Company formation packages designed to support all needs, including non-UK residents package

  • Different structures available; companies limited by shares, limited by guarantee, limited liability partnerships and public limited companies.

  • Associated services include registered office address, business address, confirmation statements, dormant company accounts, full company secretary and more.

  • Choose your business bank account provider during the company formation process

Browse the company formation packages now.

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Some useful videos

1st Formations have created a range of videos to help explain the limited company structure. Here’s a selection that you may find helpful:

How to form a UK limited company

What does it mean to be a limited company?

Limited company or sole trader? We help you decide.

15 reasons why company formations are rejected

What freelancers need when forming a company with 1st Formations

Here’s the information you’ll need on hand when forming your company.

Unique company name - The name search tool will let you know immediately if your name is available.

Registered office address - It’s not a problem if you don’t want to use your personal address as a number of the company formation packages come with the facility to use 1st Formations’ address. This is ideal for freelancers as you can bolster your professional image and impress clients with a prestigious address in Covent Garden.

Officer and shareholder information - For each director, secretary and shareholder that you want to add, you’ll need their name, residential address, date of birth, occupation and nationality. Remember, you can set your company up with just one person.

Everything else that’s required to form a company is provided as part of the company formation process.

Company formation for freelancers in 4 steps

Here’s how easy it is to form your limited company…

  • Choose your company name

  • Pick your company formation package

  • Make payment

  • Provide your company details

Your application will then be sent to Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, where it’s generally processed within 3-6 working hours.

You’ll receive an email with your key company information, including your company number, certificate of incorporation, share certificates, and memorandum and articles of association as soon as your company has been formed.

Form your company now

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