Free CV & LinkedIn Review for Freelancers – Why Get One?

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Depending on how you win your freelance work, you will have a CV, LinkedIn profile, website and social media presence. It would be common for fairly significant amounts of time and money to be spent on the last two items (website and social media) and very little on a CV and LinkedIn profile.

But does this make sense?!

If you were to analyse where your business comes from, do the numbers stack up, or on deeper analysis, does much of your business come from the channels that get the least attention?

Furthermore, what would happen if you did give your CV and LinkedIn profile more attention?

Creating a great CV and LinkedIn profile is no different than creating any other form of marketing/sales collateral. There are copywriting principles to follow and marketing techniques to use. Get them right and you’ll win clients but get it wrong and you won’t.

As a starting point, why not take advantage of a FREE CV and LinkedIn Appraisal offered through Free-Work. We have partnered with The CV & Interview Advisors and their sister company, Linked-In-Credible to offer all our readers detailed feedback on these crucial marketing assets.

  • Does your CV have a clear go-to-market description?

  • Does it communicate your value proposition?

  • Have you used case studies to showcase your talents?

  • Have you harnessed social proofing to give prospects more confidence?

  • Does your LinkedIn profile ask prospect-led questions?

  • Have you applied the WHOSEES framework?

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your CV and LinkedIn profile, comparing them against current best practice and provide detailed 1-2-1 feedback.

To take advantage of this free service, click here:

You will find out about:

  • Writing and elevator pitch on your CV / LinkedIn profile

  • How to use case studies to turbo-charge success

  • How a Freelancer’s CV differs from a permanent job seeker’s CV

  • How to optimise ‘information architecture’ to improve readability

  • How to transform your CV / LinkedIn into a powerful business case

  • The most common misconceptions about CVs, and much more

Find out more now.

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