How to freelance while you are employed

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As gig work becomes more and more accessible, full-time workers have noticed the benefits of adding a side hustle or two to their schedule. These serial side hustlers, pursue their passions and improve their portfolios all while keeping their day job. The flexibility of most side hustles allows for employees to work during the day and maintain their secondary jobs during nights and weekends. In fact, over one-third of side hustlers choose gig work because of the flexible schedule.

If you are interested in adopting a gig or two, here is how to freelance while you are employed, as told by ZenBusiness.


For full-time workers, online side hustles are the best option for adding some extra work that won’t cut into daytime responsibilities. Many online opportunities can be done at any time of day and allow workers to make their own schedules. If you are looking to complete online reviews or run a blog you can complete all of your projects from the comfort of your couch. Online gig work can range from 0-5 hours per week to 20+ hours per week so make sure you choose an option that fits your time availability. Here are some additional options for gig work:

  • Blogging
  • Mystery shopper
  • Survey participant
  • ,

Creative freelancing

If you have a marketable skill, adopting a freelance side gig is a great way to profit from your talents. Whether you are a graphic designer, a website master, or a creative writer, there are hundreds of opportunities to use your skills on the side. To attract clients, create an attractive website that features some of your past work and use social media to promote your side business. Or alternatively, you can create a profile on the Freelance Directory to showcase your skills and attract clients. Here are a few other freelancing options:


The gig economy is driven by mobile devices. They have opened the door for app-based ride sharing, dog walking, and even house sitting. These services allow gig workers to make money and craft a schedule that works for them. For full-time workers this is very beneficial. A worker can leave their day job at 5:00 and work as a rideshare driver in the evenings. Some other idea for app-based side hustles are:

  • Courier service (Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub)
  • Ride-share driving (Uber, Lyft)
  • Dog walking
  • ,


For workers that sit at desks all day, a side gig in the service industry can be a great fit. These jobs allow individuals to work with their hands which can be an escape from office life. The best way to find the perfect service side hustle for you is to try out several types until you find one that you enjoy. A few service industry side hustle jobs are:

  • Dog grooming
  • Makeup artist
  • Phone and computer repair
  • ,

More on if freelancing is for youand becoming a full time freelancer.

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