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Hello! Looking on some advise on how you handle clients. Brief summary... I have used upwork to offer webdesign and graphic design services for the past year. Over the year I had had some great jobs which lead me to start my online business I am trying to move off upwork. I did a job for this one guy and he has had several referrals for me which has been fantastic. On upwork I charged $25 to be fair because one page usually will take me about 3 hours to complete. I know this is low and I have been thinking of raising it since my account now has great feedback. If the work is off upwork I always have an agreement signed...
Questions for the pros-
1. I have had several people request Skype/Zoom chat after taking over an hour phone call answering all their questions... What do you do with the people that tell you your price is then to high and don't want to continue? Just wasted an hour of time. (I have noticed so many people want everything for nothing).

2. How do you ever turn down a client? I had a lady her website was terrible. I was honest with her and told her she needed an entire redesign. I couldn't tell what she even did. Did the 1 hour zoom call. All ways good but she dishes out a lot of information but really hard to piece together of her website thus the webdesign. Do you ever turn down a client because you dont want to put your name on something? The vibes I was getting from her is she doesn't know what she wants. She told me to tell her what she wants. I don't like working like that unless the client is telling me what they want and what they expect. I could tell this was just going to be a disaster.

3. How do you handle the client that signs an agreement but keeps giving you jobs outside of the agreement?

Being off upwork. What is your payment policy? I was was offer 75% paid before work is done then 25% once the website is transferred to the server. Suggestions? I had two people not wanting to do this. I do not have a portfolio. Most of the referrals I have had from the one customer I had to sign NDA.... Advise on no portfolio?

Lastly! Promise...
What software/program do you use if any for phone calls (I was asked twice for my cell phone I told them I don't give that out), calendar to plan your day and for the client to see available times for phone call request, I just signed up with Asana.... I need something to manage multiple jobs so I know how many hours to spend on each per day to meet the deadline. Any advise on how to reduce the amount of "sale" phone/cam chats?

**** PS what do you do with the clients that are great.... but want a webpage done in 24 hours when you have other commitments but you can't have that customer leave you? Rush charges?

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