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Hello everyone.

I have browsed the forums and have not seen an answer to my worries thus far and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Firstly a little background:

I am a young Architect in full time employment. Recently I was approach by my local church act as Architect for a refurbishment for very low fee. To meet the tick box requirements of the church I had to form a Limited Company, which I did. My fee was only £5k to cover my insurances for a few years, and this was paid into a separate business bank account a few months ago.

On the back of this I have been offered a small job by a local school with full fee's and I am keen to build on the success of the church job.


A) The accounts should be pretty simple and my end of year business account should have £35k in it maximum, therefore no VAT registration required. Do I still have to file full accounts with companies house for small amounts? or would a bank statement suffice?

B) For the school job I will have help from a more experienced colleague who is also in full time employment, can I simply pay him as a consultant with a company cheque?

C) What would the simplest way be to pay myself money out of the company account? Bearing in mind I am already in full time employement and dont want to footfault on income tax.. (my current salary is £32k if it matters)

Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to do the right things.

Thanks in advance to anyone who help me out!


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