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Recently I have client without contract, I have done the job that he asked for with previous approval of the design, so i create one template and based on that template I create the other following designs. there were few issues as I had to produce around 1000 images from that template. I explain that I will fix those issues and I will stick to the template that he agree before but after that he was trying to change the design that he approve before. I agree that I will help and I will make those changes but he continue to change the design. And If he change the main template I will have to do that manually on all 1000 images The situation get to the point when I said I'm sorry but I cannot do this for you. He said that I will have to return the deposit doesn't matter that I worked for 1 week and that I need ti pay the compensation if someone else will redesign the images. What do you guys think about this?

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