Am I truly a freelancer in the eyes of HMRC?



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I have joined a number of recruitment agencies and every role I get is freelance so I have had to create my own limited company. The reality is, of the 7 contracts I've had, the client dictated how and when the work is done, I don't have a substitute to send in if I were sick, I don't have other client or market myself etc. I often do exactly the same role as the perm developer sat next to me. I start off on one project then get moved to another without a say or new contract, if I make a mistake I am still paid the day rate and not expected to put the error right at my own cost.

My question is surely if HMRC were to look at how I work the reality is I am a disguised employee?

This is really worrying but no agency will send me PAYE jobs so I'm stuck?

Other developers laugh and say everyone does it, how can "EVERYONE" be at it if HMRC say its wrong ???

Can someone explain how this works?

PS only worked for private companies not public so assume IR35 is irrelevant but I still have to pass the test the HMRC have online, right?

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