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Posted reply 18 May 2024 17:11

Hey everyone,

While searching for freelancing solutions in the fields of business management and marketing to increase my productivity, I became aware of how time-consuming the process can be and had an idea for a startup. I would kindly appreciate it if any freelancers or individuals who have simply experienced something similar when researching various remote tools for their particular niches could share their thoughts. Every time we had to assess the value of a tool, we would have to comb through numerous blog posts, YouTube reviews, and even each of their own individual websites.

In its most basic form, my proposal is to build a marketplace where software vendors can list their tools and companies and freelancers can browse the tools all on one cohesive website. The marketplace would be organised into industries and specialties. The tutorials and descriptions that vendors may upload would nearly give the impression of a product listing with reviews and comments contained within each listing.

So, I guess my point is: as a software vendor, is this something you to use this for marketing reasons at a cost, and as someone searching for tools, is this something you would find useful?

Even if you do not correlate to either aspect, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Since one of the biggest reasons for startup failures is product-market fit, I am curious to know if there could even be a market for something like this.

Thanks for reading!

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