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sharon larder

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Posted reply 22 February 2016 11:05

Andrew Clarke, post: 24829, member: 29440 a écrit : It depends on your hourly rate, I personally for jobs like this charge an hour a spread, plus if designing a cover 8hours plus 4 hours artwork time. I charge £30 an hour so for the 60 Page magazine £1260 and the other £1020.

Hope that helps you
Many thanks Andrew.
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Posted reply 11 November 2015 09:35

I always find it difficult quoting on jobs.
I am an experienced magazine designer.
I have been asked to provide a quote to design two monthly magazines. One 60 pages and one 44 pages.
All imagery supplied. Approx 55% editorial. All adverts supplied print ready.
Final magazine to be output as print and an online version.
What would be a fair price for both parties!
Thank you

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