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Posted reply 29 June 2013 09:27


you are really charging too less. I will forbid you from selling your copyright and would advise you to start charging more.
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Posted reply 20 June 2013 05:19


Regarding the cot issue I would say it totally depends upon the load of work and the time period issued to you for completing the work. So consider both these factors and if you have to complete a huge amount of work in less time i would definitely advise you to charge more for that but if it is you regular customer you can definitely offer discount to him.
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Posted reply 21 February 2013 10:58

Opus, post: 21243 a écrit : Feel free to put me right if I've misunderstood this, but you've said in another thread that you're a graphic designer. Why would you therefore be looking for ready made templates to create your company logo?

I wouldn't advise that any business goes that route, but if a graphic designer can't create their own logo you may as well pack up and go home now.
Well there are always better professionals out there, better ideas too...may be I find something unusual, I am looking for an idea, maybe i get it by posting here.....I need something truly exceptional. 🙂
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Posted reply 12 February 2013 05:10

Hey everyone

I need some advice and tips to find some Ready-Made Logo Template's to get a logo designed for my firm.

Thanks 🙂
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Posted reply 8 February 2013 05:25

Hey people, I am new to this forum and I am a graphic designer by profession , So I would like to be part of discussions that are related to graphic designs and logos.


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