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Hi all,

I'm a freelance illustrator/graphic/web designer and would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice with a problem.

I recently did some work for a vocational dance college, basically t-shirt designs which I also had printed. at the last minute they asked me for some more and to produce a programme for their summer showcase., again this would be to design and have them printed. As the company I used to print the shirts is also a print shop I asked them if they could do this to and they agreed.

I've picked up the shirts and the first batch of programmes, the shirts are fine but the quality of the programmes is shocking. Basically the programme is 2 A3 sheets folded to make an 8 sided A4 programme. outer cover in colour and the inner 6 pages in B&W.

this is the first time I've had quality issues with any printer, I haven't paid for these yet does anyone know where I stand legally? the quality is shockingly poor not up to any kind of professional standard.

I have since had to use another printer to do the programmes properly.

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