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Posted reply 29 September 2007 14:38


ive been in these situations before:

i would go in at a reasonable amount, i was going too say this is bascily a tennder for the job.

once you have finished the planner would you liek too send a jpeg of it too my e-mail, paradox_two@yahoo.co.uk and i might be able to point some part which you could change, and you can put copyright on the planner aswell, im a graphics designer and photographer soo.

Topic : Webspace
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Posted reply 28 February 2007 19:48

barginhost.co.uk 28 pounds for domain and hosting preety much the best your gonna get
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Posted reply 20 February 2007 18:44


i might be intrested in this ? can you print t-shirts and banners and posters? and maybe plastic signs?


contact me at contact@paradox-designs.co.uk


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