Merry Christmas and a Happy New Career!

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I imagine we’re all glancing at the date and still wondering how Christmas has snuck up so quickly!

This will either put a festive smile on a few faces or send some into a sense of panic when they realise they haven't bought the turkey or their Christmas shopping isn’t quite complete! Well, technology has certainly made Christmas shopping a lot simpler for those who struggle to find time to buy gifts as our recent article explained but whatever your situation is, Christmas Day is approaching fast and we at Technojobs want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Be sure to check out our top IT jobs this Christmas too!

A New Career for the New Year

Once Christmas finally comes to an end and we’ve finished the turkey and watched the Queen’s speech, the next big thing to look forward to is the start of the new year. A popular phrase you’ll hear as we approach 2016 is ‘New Year, New Me’ and most people tend to use the start of January as a fresh start to make important changes. Whether that’s giving up smoking, joining the gym or finding a new career, we’re all given a sudden motivation to pursue something new.

Although some do tend to give up on their New Year’s Resolution, the others who do stick to their decision can find the end result very rewarding, especially for those looking to advance their careers. For example, instead of learning a new instrument you could learn a new language to help with your career prospects.

Finding a new career isn’t an easy task and it may not be as simple as heading to an online jobs board and browsing for something that might interest you. Looking for the ideal career for you can often be seen as a fortuitous task but if you have the patience to weigh out all your options and think about where you could see yourself in five years then it’s not as difficult as you may think.  You shouldn’t necessarily ask yourself, ‘What are you good at?’ but instead ask ‘What could you be good at?’ by reviewing your current skills and qualities and how you could improve on them. The first step to a new career is turning your resolution into a goal and choosing an approach to finding the right job for you.

Finding the right job for you

Here are some tips to keep yourself motivated in finding a new career in the new year.

  • It’s important to have realistic expectations of your goal and know exactly what you are looking for. Consider what you want out of this career change, is it job satisfaction, a higher salary or a change of scenery?

  • Review the core skills you possess and map out any potential job role that list those skills as a requirement. You can view our current job roles on Technojobs by clicking here.

  • Tailor your CV towards the career you want to pursue and do the same with your cover letter too. A CV and cover letter that relates to the company and job role will be more appealing to the employer. Click here to see how to improve your CV and receive a FREE CV review.

  • Do your research and review each company that are advertising job roles that you’re interested in before you click Apply. The job may sound appealing but the company and product is just as important.

  • If nothing is available right now then you can use our job alerts to receive new jobs that are tailored to your skills and requirements. Setup your account on Free-Work to begin setting up job alerts.

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