Top 5 creative freelance jobs for 2023

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Want to become a freelancer but not sure what direction to go in? These 5 trending creative freelancing jobs are a good place to start when it comes to considering what freelance jobs and opportunities might be the right fit for you.

1. Freelance Social Media/Marketing Manager

Marketing is essential for almost every business in order to attract and grow their client or customer base. Understanding the role of a freelance marketer and the skills you will need along the way is important, as well as researching and understanding the company you will work for. It is essential to identify their current key strategies to attracting and maintaining business, as will this will help you develop their marketing plan moving forwards.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok are just some of the popular social media platforms used to help transform advertising and promotion; having experience of these or understanding how they work, the features they offer and the audience that uses them will help you to choose the right platforms to fulfil your clients’ needs.

Whether it is getting a freelance job with an agency, or creating your own marketing business, social media marketing is an opportunity to work with several clients at once. If you aren’t familiar with a particular area of social media, learn about the benefits of each platform and take on social media courses to tackle these areas. Clients will expect you to know and create content, and ways to promote their business so take time to understand the importance of this. Show-off your creativity by designing engaging marketing content for your current and future clients.

2. Freelance Website App Developer

Apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to promote and sell products and services, with them being so easily accessible. Website app developers are looking at a promising career in 2023 as more businesses will be looking to move online and develop an app for their business to gain awareness, create a better user experience for customers and ultimately make more sales. Web developers’ focus revolves around the overall structure and design of the website, whereas an app developer will specialise in the creation and structure of the app.

As a freelance website app designer, you can design and code a website app, and put your own style on it depending on what your client is after. You will have the duty of installing and monitoring the app so a level of experience may be required.

Make sure that you have an up-to-date freelance portfolio so you can demonstrate your skills and design work for future clients to see. As web design for websites or apps is constantly in-demand, make sure that you set your rates as competitive but also at the right level for your skillset.

3. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photography is growing in the creative industry, with finding your niche being crucial to a successful career in this field. Specialising in an area such as food, weddings, nature, or people, freelance photographers will be able to capture clients’ attention with their need for a photographer in a particular area. Specialising in a niche will give you credibility as a freelancer and help you build a respectable business. Other than taking a collection of photographs, a photographer may also be involved in editing photos so having experience in this through previous jobs, work experience, or courses is a bonus.

When starting out as a freelance photographer, make sure that you have the right equipment. Having a good-quality camera will help with making your portfolio stand out. Having a portfolio to showcase your photos will attract clients and provide them with expectations of your skills and work. Low-quality photos will not gain exposure to new clients as they will be looking for a photographer with clean-cut images and a more professional look.

4. Freelance Content Writer

Being a content writer can mean writing content for blogs, magazines, company websites, social media and more. You are essentially writing copy to promote a topic, no matter the location of the text. The type of content jobs you take on will reflect your writing style, for example blogs are typically considered more informal or conversational, compared to the likes of more serious newspaper articles.

As a content writer, you’ll need to be aware of SEO and have the ability to research keywords to help generate traffic and make your clients happy. There are a variety of courses, many online and free, which can help grow your understanding of this. This provides many benefits as with good SEO in your content writing, it’s likely the more copy your client will ask you to write. Writing regularly can improve your writing and give you the opportunity to write for several clients; this will further add to your experience as a content writer too.

5. Freelance Events Planner

Like researching and organising for clients? Being a freelance events planner can be a varied job from finding the right venue to overseeing the logistics of the event on the day. Having some knowledge of how your clients’ business works will help you understand how to communicate between key stakeholders and how to construct the perfect event for them.

The key responsibilities of becoming a freelance events planner include:

  • Understanding the brief as told by clients
  • Making correct use of a budget
  • Management and overseeing the event
  • Communication with clients and venues
  • Promotion of the event
  • ,

These are just a few aspects of the role that event planners will need to be aware of. Timing, management, and creativity are all key to providing clients with a great event.

These top 5 creative jobs are just some of the freelancing roles you can start. With the help of networking and developing your skills, you can kickstart your freelancing career in anything. If a client is looking for a creative freelancer, this will help several businesses with workload and creative insight.

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