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Many businesses are increasingly turning to freelancers to help them weather the perfect storm of conditions impacting their operations, but fortunately, it’s still clear enough for us to see the top 10 best-paying creative roles, writes Terry Payne, global managing director of Aspire.

The ongoing skills shortages in the creative industries and the current economic climate have dovetailed to create this soaring demand for freelancers. And businesses are leaning on their flexibility and expertise to combat the challenges they’re facing.

Agile, responsive, cost-effective

Engaging flexible workers as and when they’re needed helps businesses remain agile while responding to the changing needs of their business -- without the costs that full-time equivalents would incur.

In short, flexible, creative industries freelancers are in a great position, with demand also driving up the pay rates that these workers can secure. This is good news for a sector that is already very buoyant.

You don’t just have to take my word for it. Here, I’ll share some of the top-paying freelance creative roles our agency has helped fill over the last year (in no particular order)

1. Content managers, £250 a day

Content marketing has grown to become an essential part of the marketing mix for many businesses, and experienced content managers are in demand as a result.

For helping to ensure high editorial standards while weaving brand messaging into engaging and informative content, managers and content editors are now regularly commanding daily rates of £250.

2. Reporters, £180 a day

Able to spot a story and identify the key details, freelance reporters can help craft articles and stories for their clients, to build reputation and raise brand awareness.

These skills are essential for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd. In return, freelance reporters can expect to earn up to £180 per day.

3. Media, planning & buying, approx. £200 a day

Advertising professionals help to secure the most appropriate mix of advertising space for their clients to maximise campaign performance. Senior executives in this profession can expect to see daily rates of around £200.

4. Copywriters, up to £400 a day

Copywriters help businesses to articulate their core values, as well as build and maintain a distinctive tone of voice that sets them apart from their competitors.

Experienced copywriters can expect to earn high daily rates in return; as much as £300 per day for midweight writers and £400 per day for senior copywriters.

5. SEO pros, up to £550 a day

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used in digital marketing to get brands and businesses in front of their audiences.

With precise knowledge of audiences and personas – and the most relevant keywords to attract them – SEO professionals can help businesses to increase website traffic.

These specialists are capable of commanding maximum day rates of £350 at mid-management level. Directors can expect to earn £400 per day, and head-of-equivalents, are likely to see daily rates as high as £550.

6. E-commerce, up to £350 a day

Online sales are only going one way, and e-commerce pros can help businesses to cash-in on the growing trend.

Depending on seniority level and experience, freelancers in e-commerce can earn up to £300 a day at mid-management equivalent, or as much as £350 at senior management equivalent.

7. Social media executives, £300 a day

Social media platforms offer one of the best ways for businesses to connect to, and engage with, their audiences while building brand awareness.

Social media executives can expect to make £200 a day, and mid-level management freelancers regularly earn £300 per day.

8. Paid social media, up to £350 a day

More senior social media professionals can, of course, fetch higher day rates. Freelancers that can help businesses to attract a following online – from social strategy to campaign execution – are well-positioned to earn up to £350 per day.

9. Marketing managers, £25 an hour

Experienced freelance marketers can help businesses to establish and build reputation and consideration. These are essential skills that drive growth and performance. As a result, employers are paying senior marketing managers £25 per hour, or £187.50 per day, for their expertise.

10. Software engineers, up to £600 a day

With businesses shifting to digital-first practices, engineers are essential to developing software solutions. Whether that’s building a bespoke programme or making a mobile app, software engineers have a unique skill set to help businesses meet their requirements.

As such, they’re in very high demand. And that translates into high daily rates. These range from daily maximums of £450 for mid-level engineers, up to £600 for seniors!

Final thought

Ultimately, freelancers help businesses to stay agile. And given the current economic conditions, it’s no surprise that employers are turning to flexible workers.

This is reflected in the rates of pay that these workers are able to command right now. Whether businesses are engaging freelancers for temporary support, longer-term projects or to fill in either side of a new hire, it’s clear that now’s a great time to be part of the flexible workforce.

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