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Working from home may be a distant dream for many, however, if you are lucky enough to be living that dream of working at home, then you will need a good office space. If you are a freelance worker, then working from home may be the most suitable environment for you. Or at least setting up an office at home might be a good idea. For example, if you are a freelance photographer, then you will still need space for your editing equipment.

There many pros and cons of working from home, and if you have decided that the positives outweigh the negatives then here is how to take the next step. You will likely have your own style and preferences on how you work, however, these setting up tips will give you inspiration or a starting point.

Make a list of essentials

Create lists to get you started and organised. Curate a list of all the essentials you need to have in your office, this will vary however some basics that most offices need are; a chair, a desk, stationery, computer etc. This will help your office be fully equipped for your professional work needs.

Choosing the right office space

You are going to need privacy, somewhere that will not be too noisy, you may also want to consider having an office space near the entrance of your house. If you are having meetings and have clients coming to your home office, you may want it by the entrance, so you don’t have to have clients in the rest of your house.

Optimise space

Optimise the space you have will be essential. When shopping for furniture, keep the amount of space you have in mind. For example, you may opt to get a desk with built-in cabinets over a bulky desk that will take up too much space. Also, keep in mind that ideally, you would want to keep all your office equipment/files/ any other office ‘things’ in the office. This will mean that you will not pollute your living space with work/office things.

Keep it bright

Natural light can help brighten the mood in the room. When deciding on the layout and the structure of your office, keep in mind to have as much natural light coming in as possible. As good lighted room can actually improve your mine and make you more productive.

Get Inspired

Consider getting inspiration from Pinterest as is a hub of inspiration from baking to office designs. Make sure that your office will be suited to you and your needs. Having an office space that reflects your personality will mean that you like your office space, which will hopefully promote productivity in your home office.


Personalise your office. This can vary from having some family picture to your favourite art. Consider having am achievement board, somewhere to display all your achievements. Or if you are just starting out, then perhaps future goals and targets. This will motivate you and also show any clients that are visiting your potential.


You may want to add touches or natural plants in your office. They make your office a happier fresher place. Additionally, plants help to clear up harmful toxins from your body, therefore having low maintenance plants can really help you both physically and mentally. A McDonald's restaurant locator is a great tool for those people who want to make a little extra money in their spare time. If you are just starting out with your own business or looking for ways to supplement your current income then this might be a good option for you. There are many websites out there that offer a variety of services that can help you out in whatever venture you choose to get involved with. One of the best things that you can do is to check into a few of the sites available on the Internet so that you can get an idea of the different jobs.

Clock out

You need to ensure that you set yourself office hours to avoid overworking. Managing your time effectively is essential for your health. You must remember to stick to your office hours, its vital that you have a switch off point for your health and wellbeing.

Mobile Phone

If you are working from home, you will likely need to get a separate business/office number. Using your home landline number can seem unprofessional, therefore opt for a different number.

Good Chair

Having a good, comfy office chair may seem like an obvious asset to your office, but it seems that the importance of a good chair is overlooked. You will spend a lot of time in your chair, so it needs to be comfortable and suited to you.

Having a good office space will vary for each individual’s personal preference, however, these things listed above will give you a starting point.

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