Writing a CV for IT Contractors

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As an IT contractor seeking new opportunities, having a competitive CV that really sells your skills and successes is vital. It is important that the right information is included in your CV and presented in the most effective way.

Recruiters will scan over CVs in less than a minute so it is crucial that the key information is highlighted and communicated well.

Building Your IT Contractor CV

Building a CV for IT Contractors is very different to one of a permanent employee. Being a contractor, you need to focus on highlighting your skills and avoid the corporate jargon that usually fills out a permanent employees CV. The only personal information you really need to include is your name and contact details. It is similar for the past contracts section, you only need to list your most recent contracts, not every single one you have had. Also, it is important to include greater detail on your most recent contracts and a summary on the older ones along with the duration of each contract you have had.

The most important section in your CV is the skills summary section as this could be the deciding factor on whether the employer carries on reading your CV and selects you for an interview or not. This section will include all your skills and experience. Listing these in bullet points is concise and easier for the employer to read than a long paragraph. If you speak another language, don’t forget to include this in your skills as it can be very appealing to some employers. Also make sure you include your competence in that language e.g. basic/advanced.

Further information that you feel is important that you might want to add to your CV can include qualifications and certifications you may have. There is no need to include your hobbies and interests unless you feel like they would benefit you and your career.

In terms of including a covering letter, all employers have different thoughts on this so there is no harm in including one, as it will not jeopardise your chances of getting an interview.  

Key points to remember when creating your CV:

  • Check spelling

  • Check grammar

  • Use a common font such as Arial, Times, Calibri and keep it continuous throughout

  • Use a standard CV template which is easy to read

  • Steer away from including a photo of yourself in the CV

  • Make sure your CV is no longer than two pages

  • Tailor the CV to the company and position you are applying for

  • Use clear bullet points to highlight key skills

For more help on putting your CV together, click here for ContractorUK’s helpful CV template and for helpful CV information on ContractorUK.

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