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An article in Personnel Today magazine in March 2005 stated, "It has been estimated that some 70 per cent of UK organisations test their workforce either for personality or ability before making a job offer or conferring a promotion".

In a highly competitive job market you simply have to do everything right. Nothing should be left to chance and this includes not only your CV and cover letter, but also your job hunting methods and interview preparation. A major feature today in interview preparation is profiling.

Helps you know your strengths and weaknesses

Profiling tools give invaluable insight into your individuality, outlining your strengths along with areas of relative weakness. Note here that relative weakness is not a criticism - oftentimes, a particular strong characteristic will mirror a corresponding relative weakness in a persona.

Research shows that people are more fulfilled and most productive in work which taps their natural strengths and inate talents. Although some of us know our strengths most people are not totally aware of all their natural empowerments. Knowing more of your strengths and weaknesses with a psychometric test will enable you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and channel your energies and creativity appropriately.

Points you to appropriate careers and work style

In addition to highlighting your relative strengths and weaknesses, the report maps your behavioural style and core motivations to areas of work and patterns of work which best accommodate your individual make-up, giving you vital opportunity to reflect and make decisive choices on your working life and career.

Helps you prepare better for interviews

Taking your own online test gives you an immediate head start because you will have at your disposal the same information about yourself which a recruiter will have at an interview. Remember, successful interviews partly depend on anticipating likely questions.

So, by gaining vital insight about yourself (some will be confirmation of what you already know about yourself and others may come as a revelation) ahead of an interview, you will be better prepared by focusing objectively on your main strengths.

Also, by knowing your relative weaknesses, you will have time to reflect on them objectively and rather than a hindrance, you can use them to enhance your strengths.

A powerful addition to your CV

A profile benefits you further because you can use the report as a powerful addition to your CV and cover letter, giving an employer the type of additional information with which to gauge your suitability for the job.

Insights Discovery Profiles

Insights Discovery Profiles is a profiling tool that is highly regarded in the market-place and recognised by the British Psychological Society. Its accuracy lies in the fact that it is one of the only profiling tool that uses both normative (least/most) and ipsative (graded) statements. Is able to be completed online or in paper format by candidates and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


  • 85% - 95% validity, with reliable and dependable results
  • completed online taking approximately 15 minutes to complete
  • flexibility of information produced to suit individual needs


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